Tokyo Blade (UK) - Warrior Of The Rising Sun (1985 Best Of)


Gênero: Heavy Metal / NWOBHM
Origem: UK

Track List:

01. Madam Guillotine
02. Fever
03. Night of the Blade
04. Breakout
05. Unleash the Beast
06. Attack Attack
07. Lightning Strikes
08. Warrior of the Rising Sun
09. Someone to Love
10. Mean Streak
11. If Heaven Is Hell
12. Break the Chains
13. Dead of the Night
14. Powergame
15. Highway Passion
16. Midnight Rendezvous
17. Sunrise in Tokyo
18. Killer City
19. Liar
20. Death on Main Street

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Jaime - Jacarei-Sp disse...

Muito obrigado!!!Me fez lembrar os anos 80.Grande Blog!!

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Maddie disse...

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yusrina disse...

blogwalking from Malaysia

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